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Guide to Anal Hooks in Your Sex Life

Incorporating anal hooks into your sex life is a great idea…as long as you know how to use them right. Luckily for you (and your partner or sub wink*)I’m here to teach you how. Now, before using one remember to verify all the edges are round and soft; and as always, remember to communicate always about how you are feeling, specially during the first few times and you get used to the sensation. I recommend using a test run first with a light scenario before going on full force on a strong bondage scene. That way you can know what to expect and you can see how the hook adapts and fits your body.

When you are ready to try it, it’s recommend it to use a enema first or at least go the bathroom and do number two beforehand to take care of things. If you opt for a douche or enema, do it 3-4 hours before trying the hook, though. Then, you will have to make sure you are fully lubricated in order for the insertion to be easier. So use generous lubrication and get in the mood! You can do some nice foreplay or masturbation or whatever gets you in the right mood wink*. About that lube, remember to use plenty of it in addition to your mmm… other activitiesand to also apply the lube to the hook as well. And stay away from desensitizing lubrication/formulas because you should be aware of what is going on.

After the bottom is fully lubricated, insert one or two fingers and move them around slowly. The idea here is to stimulate the anus for what is about to come (he he). A good way to start, is to make them lie on their side or stomach and start to slowly insert the hook. There will be an initial stretch, but when it goes by the pubic bone it should be tender and never painful. At first it may feel really cool (it’s steel after all!) but it will acclimate soon.

Once the hook is in place and the person is comfortable, you can tie the hook to other body parts or things. Remember the ball sliding around should feel delicate and not uncomfortable. Now, if you find yourself having come this far but don’t know how to proceed, these scenarios may give you some ideas: you can tie some rope to the hook and attach it to the hair or to a collar. Alternately, you can wear a harness with several D rings around the spine; you can choose the ideal height for tying the hook off. Or you can tie some rope through the hook and pass rope under the sub’s arms, across the chest and over the opposite shoulder; it will look as a backpack. You can tie it as tightly as you want, but stay away from the neck and throat (remember the person has to breathe). Another fun idea to try? You can always whip them or use a vibrator/dildo on them or even some chastityextra points if you make them stay as still as possible, wink*. Experiment will be the key to unlocking the fun, wink*.

After you’ve had your fun, you will have to sterilize your hook. This will prevent spreading of the germs and bacteria and will decrease the risk of infection. You can do so by rubbing alcohol, an alcohol based cleaner or an antibacterial one. Don’t forget you can also run it through the dishwater or clean it with hot water and soap. If your hook as a ball, make sure to unscrew it and clean those hard to reach places as well. Now, if you want to be completely protected, you can always use your hook with a condom for some extra safety and to make cleaning easier. This is really helpful if you are sharing the hook, by the way.Good hooking! Wink*

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