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Orgasm 101 – What is Trigasm and How to Achieve It

You heard most likely of a lot of types or orgasms and you probably tried reaching as many of them as possible. But if you are past multiple orgasms, anal orgasms and other types of orgasms, you are ready for the ultimate type of orgasm called Trigasm. This is the most popular form of orgasm and it is also considered to be the most intense and the most overwhelming sexual experience that you can enjoy with your partner. Trigasms can be achieved during masturbation sessions as well but it might be more tricky to do so since you will have to stimulate more erogenous zones. Even so, if you have the right sex toys and accessories you can definitely enjoy a trigasm if you are single as well. Trigasms are those types of orgasms that are reached through stimulating three different erogenous zones of your body at the same time and leading to three different orgasms that combine in a final and ultimate one. Sounds complicated? No worries because you will learn just how to do it the right way!

1. Identify three different erogenous zones of your body and focus your sexual encounter on them

Each individual is different and has different sexual preferences and fantasies. Knowing your sexuality and being in touch with your body will ease your job a lot when you want to achieve such an intense orgasm. You can stimulate your nipples by using a pair of nipple clamps, your clitoris by using the right vibrator and combine all of them with some anal stimulation or intercourse. If you are aiming for a trigasm during a masturbation session you can replace sexual intercourse by using the right dildo and make sure you choose a good size one to make it as realistic as possible. Same rule applies for men who can also enjoy nipple stimulation and anal stimulation equally. Some guys actually have a fetish for anal sex and nipple stimulation so there is no need to deny yourself of such a pleasure.

2. Have the right mindset

Having the right mindset is very important when you want such an intense sexual encounter as well. Clear your mind of all stress and worries and focus your attention on your body and your own pleasure and sexual satisfaction. You will need to pay attention to your reactions and see how your body is enjoying the sexual stimulation that it receives. This is a great way to get to know your own sexuality and learn to control it in order to have intense sexual experiences and be able to reach the sexual stimulation that you are aiming for. Do not let your mind wonder on daily aspects of your life and get distracted, unless it is by new forms of sexual excitement that might help you reach a trigasm. Some appropriate erotic videos might be welcome in order to keep your mind on the prize and stay excited for the entire sexual race, especially if you are masturbating. During intercourse with your partner, it will be a lot easier to control your thoughts and stay excited by their passionate presence.

3. Choose the right sex toys

Sex toys are the key when it comes to reaching an amazing trigasm. And they are equally important if you are masturbating or if you are having sex with your lover. They will stimulate your body in new ways and will increase the sexual pleasure to its maximum point. Try electro stimulating devices for such intense sex scenes because they are very exciting and they will give you a very realistic form of sexual stimulation that you will find it hard to resist to. Talk with your partner and see what turns them on as well so you can incorporate both types of stimulation during the sex scene and enjoy a trigasm together!

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