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3 Tongue Moves to Turn On Your Partner

When it comes to a good session of sexual stimulation, there are so many options that it might be hard to discover the perfect one for you and your partner. You can use your imagination and some sex toys and accessories to enjoy several orgasms with your partner even without sexual intercourse. However, the most intense part of your body, after your genitalia, that you can use to sexually stimulate your partner is your tongue. And this can be a great sexual stimulation strategy regarding to your gender and sexual orientation as long as you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to these aspects. So, let’s see what are the best ways to stimulate your partner by using your tongue!

1. Oral sex

Oral sex is maybe the most common and popular way to stimulate your partner using your tongue. It works just as great for male partners and female partners and it can be the source of intense orgasms and sexual scenes. Of course, you can combine oral sex with a lot of other sexual stimulation forms such as nipple stimulation by using a pair of nipple clamps or anal stimulation by using a butt plug. A form of bondage can spice things even more during such a sexual encounter and you can make your partner enjoy your tongue for as much as you want if they have no control over their body. But there is no need to limit yourself at just oral sex when you want to use your tongue during a hot sexual encounter and you are about to discover other forms of stimulation!

2. Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is a soft form of anal play and anal stimulation that is preferred for many BDSM couples. Usually such a sexual encounter is performed by a submissive partner in order to please their dominant partner. It can be highly intense and it can be combined with other forms of sexual stimulation, just like oral sex. If you are into this kind of play, it can also be a great form of foreplay and a great starting point for a future anal intercourse. Enjoy and work your tongue as your partner dies of pleasure as you stimulate them! Chances are that once you dive into such sexual stimulation, you will want to do it pretty often when you see what incredible results it can have for your sexual encounters!

3. Oral sexual exploration

Oral sexual exploration is not limited to oral sex or cunnilingus. Rather than this, such a sexual stimulation session is a complex one and usually it can be a complete BDSM scene on itself. Such a se scene implies exploring your partner’s body by using your tongue, and pleasing all their erogenous areas from kissing their lips to nipples stimulation and other parts of the body, including, of course, the genitalia. It can successfully be a foreplay session but more often than not it can lead to intense orgasms without sexual intercourse. Enjoy your sexual encounter while your partner is forced to take all your stimulation without being able to control their body or sexuality and let your imagination go wild when you stimulate them. It can be a very erotic form of domination as well, according to your sexual fantasies and fetishes.

As you can see, your tongue is quite a magical element that you can use to enrich your sexual life. It can generate a lot of pleasure for both you and your partner and it can give you such an intense sexual satisfaction that you might not need anything else to reach one orgasm after another. It is important to know what your partner prefers when it comes to sexual stimulation that way you can find a common fetish that you can both enjoy! And make sure to have them reciprocate for even more intense sexual encounters because nothing is hotter than switching roles in bed.

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