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Types of Orgasms that You Should Enjoy Whenever You Can

Having an orgasm is important when you engage in a sexual encounter or a masturbation session but also the type of orgasm that you are having is extremely important as well. You can have a quick orgasm that will satisfy you temporarily only to have you excited minutes after. Or, you can have an intense orgasm that will give you and amazing sexual satisfaction and help your sexuality grow through it. Also, discovering new types of orgasms as a couple will increase your intimacy level and will help you have a happy and healthy relationship for the long run. But, before we dive into the effects of having such amazing sexual experiences and satisfactions, let’s see what are the main types of orgasms that you should definitely try!

1. Multiple orgasms

Who Wouldn’t enjoy a session of multiple orgasms, at least every now and then? And the more often you enjoy into such a sexual encounter, the more satisfaction you will find in your sex life because multiple orgasms require a wide knowledge of one’s sexuality and also their partner’s sexuality as well. You will discover new limits that you have in bed but also new fetishes and fantasies to engage in whenever you want to have an unforgettable sex scene. You can also use some naughty sex toys and accessories such as orgasm belts to stimulate yourself even more intensively during intercourse. And you can also enjoy certain sex toys and fantasies while you masturbate because multiple orgasms are not only meant for couples but they are also enjoyed by single people all over the world. To have a masturbation session that will end in multiple orgasms you should be aware of your sexual pleasures and be in touch with your own sexuality so that you will know how to stimulate your body the best way possible.

2. Orgasms without sexual intercourse

If all your sexual encounters involve two people and definitely some sort of sexual intercourse, this might be news to you. But you can achieve an orgasm, and even a more intense orgasm, through sexual stimulation without any type of sexual intercourse at all. How is that possible? By exploring all the erogenous zones that your body has for you and engaging in some intense form of sexual stimulation by using certain sex toys and accessories. Of course, your lover can join in and stimulate you along the way as well. Use nipple clamps, butt plugs, dildos and whatever comes to your mind to discover new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction and new ways to reach intense orgasms! Keep an open mind and try to overcome your possible limits because they will only hold you back during such a sexual encounter. Talk with your partner about engaging in a sexual encounter without any sexual intercourse and see how you can stimulate each other in order to reach intense orgasms both of you. This will help you know yourself and also know your partner better.

3. Anal orgasms

Anal orgasms are not for beginners but with a little practice, they can definitely be achieved. But before you aim for an anal orgasm you should get familiar with anal stimulation and anal intercourse, so you can enjoy this sexual practice at its fullest. Take it gradually though and don’t rush into it. Anal sex is a step by step practice and you will learn something new every time you dive into such a practice. Chances are that in time, you will learn to enjoy it just as much as vaginal sex but for that to happen you need to keep an open mind and discover new erogenous zones of your body. Once you master anal sex, reaching an orgasm by anal stimulation or anal intercourse alone can be fairly easy but extremely intense and exciting. And your partner will love to join you in this amazing sexual adventure.

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