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Types of Sex that You Simply Have to Try

Your sexual life can be as exciting as you allow it to be by keeping an open mind and staying in touch with your own sexuality and fantasies. The biggest mistake that you can do is to deny your sexual desires and try to limit yourself at having only traditional sexual encounters! Such an attitude will keep you away from so many intense and exciting experiences and it would be a shame to not enjoy them! So, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting sex scenes that you simply have to try in a lifetime and better to do it sooner than later!

1. Role play

Role play can get seriously kinky and intense for both you and your partner. You can engage in all types of role plays from French maid of British school girl to more serious ones like Interrogation scene which is a common form of role play among the BDSM enthusiasts. All you need is a good costume, some sex toys and a great and active imagination to make the most out of such a sexual experience.

2. Public sex

Now, public sex is hot to so many levels that you simply can’t miss it. If you are not a very open person but you still want to experience it, there is no need to put up a show. A hot blowjob under a bridge or in a theatre or some sexual intercourse might do the trick. You can also have your partner wear some sexual stimulators such as nipple clamps or butt plugs that you can glance at when they lift their skirt or their blouse. There are many sexual scenes that you can enjoy in public, even undercover if you are not all so comfortable about it.

3. Beach sex

Beach sex is one of the most romantic sexual experiences that you will have. You can have a hot intimate scene with your partner on the soft sand or in the wavy water. This is an experience to try at least once and you can keep it as soft as you want because some romance will only make your relationship grow stronger over time.

4. Lazy sex

We all have those lazy Sundays when we prefer to spend the entire day in bed…and why not spending it in bed with your lover and have some lazy sex? Without any rush to reach an orgasm, with all the time in the world to rediscover each other all over again and with passionate kisses. This can be a very relaxing way to pass the time and have a great positive impact for you and your partner. Your intimacy level will increase and you will feel a lot more connected with each other which are great benefits for a happy and healthy relationship.

5. Anal sex

Is hard to believe that you haven’t tried anal sex so far but if you didn’t, what are you waiting for? This can be one of the most intense types of sex you will ever had and it might even become your favorite sex type if you do it with the right partner. And if you don’t have a partner, try some anal toys since you can find a variety of them from anal beads to butt plugs and even special vibrators. Trying such toys will help you decide if anal sex and anal stimulations are sexual practices that suit your needs and expectations. If you enjoy your anal toys, you will enjoy a good session of sexual intercourse even more!

With so many options of enjoying your own sexuality, there is no need to not give them a try and see how you might develop sexually through them. Your partner will be more than happy to join you in such experiences and you can have a better and more complex relationship by discovering new fetishes and fantasies together!

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