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Why is Vacation Sex So Much Better Than Regular Sex

Vacations are great and especially for married couples who have extremely busy schedules, they are as close to heaven as it can get. What is even better during your vacation time is the sexual scenes that you can have with your partner and there are many reasons for that. You might think that as long as it is with the same person, sex is the same everywhere but you would be wrong and missing out on some amazing experiences. When you have sex during your vacation time, many other aspects contribute to it and it is incredible the benefits that it can bring to your intimate relationship!

1. You are more relaxed

During vacation time, we all try to leave our worries at home and enjoy the time off. And when we succeed, this kind of relaxation has a great impact on your relationship and sexuality because it makes you be more in touch with both of them and your partner will appreciate the level of intimacy that you engage in. You will connect more and have more sexual encounters not only because you have more time for it than you would have during your regular daily routine but also because you will be more open to connect with your partner and maybe observe aspects at your relationship that you were too busy to observe before. And sex is so much better when you are relaxed and not haunted by your work concerns, bills or house chores. If you have a romantic vacation without your kids, things can get even more intense!

2. You are more willing to try new things

During your daily life you might not be so willing to try new sex toys and accessories or dive into new fetishes and fantasies alone or with your partner. Some evenings you are happy with just getting a quickie because you are too tired to set up a complex sexual encounter and it all becomes a race for a fast orgasm that can put you to sleep in a more peaceful way. But that is not the case when it comes to vacation sex. If you always wanted to try a pair of nipple clamps, this is the right time to try them! And you can give your lover a sexy pair of nipple jewelry as a gift to surprise them since gifts and vacations go hand in hand! Also, you can try some anal sex or stimulation by using a new butt plug and even dive into an intense session of bondage sex if you feel up for it. The sky is the limit when it comes to what kind of fetishes and fantasies you can try during your vacation and it would be a pity to miss out on all that sexual fun.

3. It is so much hotter

Now, it doesn’t matter what kind of sexual encounters you prefer, what sexual orientation you have or what kind of toys and accessories you want to try because vacation sex is simply so much hotter than regular sex! And that can be thanks to the fact that you will engage in sexual encounters with your partner in so many new places that the excitement will keep increasing. And if you are single, you have even more possibilities to experience your sexuality during your vacation time because you can meet a lot of interesting people to connect with and share your sexual desires with. Especially if you go outside of the country, having at least one sexual affair should be on your to-do list!

All you have left to do now is pack your bags and decide a destination for your vacation. It can reset your level of stress and it can have a great positive impact on your relationship but also boost your sexual life, especially if you started to get into a sexual routine that will not end good on the long term! Don’t forget your favourite sex toys and accessories for those hot nights that are to come in your near future!

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