Your Ultimate Guides to Prostate Pleasure


3 Male Erogenous Zones to Focus On

So, if you were wondering what other ways you can do to stimulate your lover, here are some key areas of their body you should never ignore...unless you are aiming for a quickie but even then, there is room for some extra sexual stimulation!


Don’t Be Shy! Let’s Talk About Pegging!

Pegging is the sexual act where a woman uses a strap on to anally penetrate their male partner. As with so many sexual acts out there, any couple can try it, as long as they are willing to, wink*.


Have Stronger Orgasms Through Pegging & Prostate Stimulation!

Prostate stimulation is a great way to experiment new types of pleasure you haven’t gotten before. Like they say, you haven’t lived till you’ve had a prostate orgasm…what? Am I the only one who has ever heard that one? Wink*.


Made for Action: Strap-Ons & You!

A strap on is nothing more than a harness and a dildo. Strap ons are used to penetrate, obviously. So they are a must have if you and your partner want to try pegging or the bend over boyfriend.


Oh my Prostate: a guide to choosing the perfect prostate massager

G-spot, G-spot, G-spot… Sometimes it seems the only thing everyone talks about is the most erogenous area for a woman. But what about men, I hear you ask? Well, fret no more, because the prostate is the male equivalent to that zone..


Plug & Play - The Best Positions for Pegging

Whether you love pegging and are looking to get out of the routine and are looking for new positions to try it, or you’re a newbie considering for the best position to try it, you want to continue reading along.


Prostate FAQ

If you're looking for a wonderful way to add excitement to your sex life or to really rev up your blow jobs, stimulating the prostate is a little known but wonderful way to do it!


Special Delivery! How to Treat a New Dildo on Your Doorstep!

It's recommend you take a good look at your new dildo before you use it. You first need to give it a through wash and then start to inspect it. You want to look out for any sharp edges or tears.


Squeezing into Shape - Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve your pelvis muscle’s strength. You’ve probably heard a million times why women should practice them and how it can bring better orgasms and overall better sexual health.


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