Crossdressing Etiquette: Tips to Hide Your Secrets when Crossdressing


As you know, what you got underneath yourclothes matters just as much as what is above them, wink*. And I’m just talking about a pretty silk and lace thing, I’m talking about more practical things that will make you achieve the look you want. Assuming we are in the same page, of course wink*.

Probably the number one concern cross dressers have is: how do I hide the equipment? And that is a very valid question. Well, it is truth universally acknowledged that a cross dresser in possession of a penis must get a gaff wink*.Alternately you can also us tucking panties. But you should know gaffs are most commonly used and you can find them in a bunch of styles, materials, colors, etc. It’s almost guaranteed you will find exactly something that is just like you. If you don’t know what a gaff is, it’s nothing more than a garment created to push and hold back your little (or not so little wink*) male package.

The second thing cross dressers are concerned with the most, are boobs (after they, they are men…and human wink*). For you to get the cleavage of your dreams is necessary to get a couple ofbreasts forms. They also come in a huge variety so you can take your pick about how you want them: cups can be super huge, just big, average, small-ish…For you to know the band size, just measure around your chest below the nipple to figure it out. Having said that, I have to say, visually broad shoulders probably can handle big cups (I’m talking DD and more) better than those with smaller ones, but that is just me. If you want to create cleavage, you can pull the skin from under your arms move it and pull it together with your pecs to the center; you can help things along with sometape to make things stay in place.

Spandex is something I always recommend, no matter if you are thing. Shapewear does exactly that, shapes, and makes everything look nicer and tighter, just like a corset. Obviously if you are getting lucky, maybe a corset it’s a better choice, but spandex can also cover your upper thighs and for me that is a plus. You can create pretty wicked shapes with lycra, so don’t say I didn’t told you so.

To enhance your booty and emphasize your hips, use panty shapers and/or pads. There are also plenty of padded girdles for the hips andbutt in the market, so you can also look into them. You will also have to take good care for them to be proportionate to the rest of your body (or you can look like a very famous reality start whose name shall not be named)and for the paddings to look curvy instead of boxy. After all that, your very feminine body will be ready for that gorgeous dress, wink*.


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