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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex can become part of a couple’s evening routine and that kills the excitement, and when the excitement is not there, the entire relationship is in danger. Luckily there are ways to fix that before it damages your relationship to a serious and irreversible level.

  1. Invest in some sexual toys

Sexual toys are always welcomed even when your sex life doesn’t need a positive change. You can find them for both of you and you would be amazed of the amount of pleasure that they bring in the bedroom, not to mention a lot of fun and quality time spent together. When it comes to sex toys, everything goes from dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads and the list goes on and on. If you are into BDSM practices, you can pick a few toys specific for bondage like handcuffs and gags.

  1. Watch sex videos with your partner

Watching porn doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. Start the evening with a nice porn video and invite your partner to watch it with you. It can give you new ideas that you can try together, not to mention the sexual arousal that will start as soon as you watch the video and begin to touch yourself. Watching erotic videos before sexual intercourse is considered a successful foreplay…always.

  1. Talk about your fantasies

Are there things that you are tempted to try sexually buy you are afraid or ashamed to share them with your partner? Nonsense! Before you share your fantasies with them think that they also have such fantasies so the fact that you open the fantasies door and that will just get things started. You will share yours, they will share theirs and you will have ideas for many evenings to keep busy and experiment new things.

  1. Consider having a guest

It takes a whole new level of sexuality and trust to open your bedroom door to a new person that both you and your partner agree with. But it is well worth it. A third person will bring new sensations, experiences and ideas and both of you might enjoy every second of the experience. Before you do that though, is important to have an honest conversation with each other and discuss your expectations from such an experience. Should you invite a man or a woman? Do you have any scenario in mind or you plan to go with the atmosphere? What are your limits? These questions are important for a successful threesome experience.

  1. Set the scene

Atmosphere is important and now that you have a plan for your naughty evening, it’s time to decorate your bedroom accordingly. There are plenty of decorations that you can pick to make your bedroom irresistible, from unique and sexy paintings, satin, soft sheets to candles that can be used both for setting the scene and indulging in some hot wax stimulation, a very hot practice among BDSM enthusiasts. Get your partner involved as well and make a perfect room for you to get naughty and lose all your inhibitions - if you still have any!

Trying some of these steps or even all of them, will bring excitement back in your bedroom and will enrich your relationship so much that you will look forward to spend more time with your partner both in the bedroom and outside of it. Good sex makes for a great relationship so there is no need to neglect the intimacy level when you expect to have a happy life. When it comes to sex though, the sky is the limit and the range of fetishes is so wide that is impossible to get stuck in any sort of sexual routine unless you allow yourself to. As long as both you and your partner find sexual satisfaction by enjoying the experiences together, everything is allowed, even the sadistic side of BDSM as soon as you establish who the dominant is and who is the submissive.

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