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Top Signs You’re Dating a Foot Fetishist

Foot fetishes are so common nowadays. In fact, your chances of dating a man who gets turned on by your sexy feet are extremely high. It hasn’t happened to you so far? Well, it might happen soon enough especially if you are available for new dates. Although, some guys might are not so open about being into such a fetish at first. So, you might have to read the signs and know some tricks to stimulate him in case he has such a sexual fantasy! A foot fetish is one of the hottest fetishes a man can develop in his life. If you happen to date such a guy consider yourself lucky because they tend to be highly sensitive as well. Now let’s get into the details of it and see what it is actually like to date a man who is also in love with your beautiful feet!

They will pay attention to details

When you are dating a man with a foot fetish you will experience a lot of glances from him. Some of them might flatter you while others might make you feel uncomfortable. It is just how they are as they analyze you—from head to feet. They will not just stare at your feet because, even if this might be the ultimate detail they care about, they are also able to appreciate your entire body in the same way. So, make sure to choose your outfit carefully when you meet such a man. Sexy lingerie will always be appreciated by a foot lover plus, obviously, a hot pair of shoes! When it comes to shoes, the market offers women a wide variety of models, styles and materials. You can choose ballet shoes or boots made of leather or latex or leatherette. Best of all, you can adapt them to a variety of outfits. The shoes also go great with bondage accessories such as collars you can wear when you meet your foot lover. Thus, you don’t even have to be into BDSM practices to wear such an outfit!

Your feet will get spoiled…a lot

Guys who are into foot fetishes are not into the details for nothing. They will observe you closely so they can spoil you in the best way possible whenever they have the chance. They might also be a little submissive. So, if you tend to have a dominant side to your sexuality then you might actually enjoy it. If not, then use the occasion to explore such a side to see if you have it in you to be the mistress of your sex scenes without taking this to any extreme. Remember they will simply want to please you and they will find their pleasure in yours as well. So, enjoy all the attention and their efforts to satisfy you. Needless to say, they will focus mainly on your feet. Playing, touching, and kissing them in addition to even reaching intense orgasms while doing so and you will get used to seeing this over time.

They will be fairly romantic

Such a man also brings romance into your relationship and it will definitely make you feel safe and secure to be next to him. They will surprise and declare their love as often as you need. All the while they are doing this; they will guarantee your precious being is protected from any kind of harm. However you should be aware, guys who are into foot fetishes are also easily hurt. So make sure you don’t abuse the control you might have you over them because the consequences might be deeper than you can anticipate. You wouldn’t want to lose such a sensitive yet sexual and passionate man!

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