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Why Couples Should Try Verbal Humiliation Once in a While

Among all of the fetishes and fantasies you can try with your lover, verbal humiliation is one of the most intense and exciting. The first form of this fetish is dirty talk. By the time both you and your lover get used to it, you can upgrade to verbal humiliation and even combine it with different other fetishes. Verbal humiliation is very popular among BDSM couples of all genders and sexual orientations but it can be enjoyed even by couples who are not into BDSM practices. For are a beginner in this matter, here are some aspects to why verbal humiliation is such a hot and exciting fetish to try at least once with your lover! However, before diving any deeper into this fantasy, you need to make sure you and your partner are open to the experience and will not be easily offended during such a sexual encounter.

1. It empowers your relationship

Believe it or not, a certain amount of dirty talk and even verbal humiliation can empower your relationship and strengthen your intimate connection with your partner. It is a nice benefit on top of the sexual pleasure and satisfaction you can reach during such an encounter. So chances are you and your lover will achieve a higher level of mutual trust by diving into verbal humiliation. You might also be able to enjoy the naughtiness of it without taking it personally. Most couples who feel comfortable trying verbal humiliation also enjoy a better intimate relationship. It is proven to increase not only the level of trust between the partners but also the level of sexual energy between them. You can combine verbal humiliation with certain accessories to go along with the scene like kinky collars or handcuffs. Such items will make your sex scene even more realistic and turn both of you on a lot more.

2. Stimulates your imagination

Verbal humiliation is based on finding the best words to stimulate each other during your sex scenes. While using descriptive words or even calling one another names, you might also discover new fetishes to enjoy with your lover. Thus it stimulates your imagination and empowers your sexuality during your sexual encounters. So, you have no reason to set unnecessary limits on yourself. If something sounds good when you name it during a session of verbal humiliation with your lover, then you should probably try it and see how much satisfaction it can bring you. It is an amazing way to discover new fetishes and fantasies during your intimate moments with your lover. By doing so, you will also develop your sexuality and your relationship!

3. It stimulates the control exchange

If you are a BDSM couple then you know how interesting and intense the aspect of exchanging control during your sexual encounters can be. While you can do this in many ways, verbal humiliation is definitely an option to try out as it empowers the exchange of control. You can switch roles if you are curious to see what it feels like to be on the other side of the story! Add some butt plugs or nipple clamps to the scene and you are set for success. Usually the dominant partner will direct some name calling or even give orders to the submissive partner during the verbal humiliation phase. Thus, they will feel a lot more in control of the situation. Remember the more control you have, the better you feel during such a sex scene. Chances are your lover will be glad to join your sexual adventure and get pleasure from being so vulnerable under your sexy dominant behavior.

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