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Ultimate Foreplay Guide to Blow Her Mind

Fellas, ladies aren’t nearly as hard to understand or please as you might think. We just do things a little bit differently. While some of you are ready from the word go, we need a little more to get going the way you want us to.

That doesn’t mean that you have to work at it for hours. Although if you want to devote hours to teasing and pleasing us and making us want sex, go for it. I know I wouldn’t complain! If, however, you don’t want it to last that long then all you really need to do is learn how to do it right. So here are a few things that you can do that are guaranteed to make her beg for more.

1. Kissing. Did you realize that the right kind of kissing can jumpstart a woman’s libido? Women love the passionate and intimate kiss and it can be a lot of fun. But it requires more than a peck on the lips and less than jamming your tongue down her throat like you want to choke her. You are basically making love to her mouth with yours. Showing her the desire you have for her and how much you enjoy the process. So get to it. Make out for a while with your woman and watch what it leads to.
    2. Touch. Women love to be touched. The more you touch her in a sensual but not demanding way, the more turned on she will become. A great way to initiate this is to start with a massage. If you work her muscles the right way you will get the reaction that you want. You can also begin on the ride home from a night out. Instead of taking her hand, place yours on her thigh. Don’t push your way into the area you want. Just rest your hand lightly and gently squeeze her leg from time to time. Remember that women have many erogenous spots on their body and not all of them are what you think they would be.
      3. Talk. While men like the moans and visuals from porn, women read romance. Why? Because women like the words. They want to hear them. One of the quickest ways to get her going is to talk. But remember, she’s not a porn star. She doesn’t want to hear what you want to squirt on her. She wants to hear things like how sexy she is to you. She wants a sultry version of what you’d like to do to her body. If you can’t do that, then simply keep complimenting her. Feeling attractive makes her feel more in the mood.
        4. Cuddle. It sounds cheesy but women love closeness. She wants to feel you near her without the demand of sex. If you cuddle with her and watch a movie then you can explore the other tips in this. Kissing and making out, touching her and telling her what you want. Not every time you cuddle will end in sex, but it’s a great way to get started.
          5. Don’t rush. Some guys think simply grabbing her boobs or ass is a great way to get the moment going. It’s not. Learn her body. Learn her fantasies. See what it is that turns her on and start doing that. You don’t have to spend hours on her if you know exactly what it takes to get her motor running. But that means learning and understanding your woman. It also means a happier and healthier sex life.

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