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Sensory Play Ideas to Rev Up Senses

If you’re looking to stimulate your partner’s (or yours!) senses, you’ve come to the right place, my love. There are plenty of different toys and instruments you can use to get those so looked after reactions in your body:

  • Ticking: Probably one of the easiest ones out there because you don’t need anything else. You can start gentle and the move on to intense tickling; chances are your poor partner will be left incredibly helpless. If you’ve never tickled someone, you want to start with the armpits, soles of the feet, their sides, and the back of the knees…
  • Wartenberg wheel: This toy provides a prickly sensation, ideal for your senses to start working overload. You can gently run it through the skin or go a bit deeper if your partner allows it, but be careful when your rolling it into the skin.
  • Spider/Ring gag: This one is not for beginners because it tends to lean towards the harder BDSM scenes. They are usually used together with blindfolds to provide more shock; you can feed them and make them taste whatever you want, it will certainly be a surprise to them. What you will feed your partner? Well, whatever you can think of, but it will depend if you want to be nice or naughty wink*
  • Flogging: You can use floggers to give your partner a teasing sensation of what’s to come. You can gently run it through their body or give them light spanks; they are great in preparing the person for more intense feelings. That is why so many people prefer to start with it to alert the senses.
  • Electrosex: Violet wands work perfectly with sensory play. They deliver some pretty great stimulation, ideal for sensory stimulation. You usually want to start slow and light because electricity can be quite intense and you want to give your partner some time to adapt.
  • Spanks: This method is also used as preparation for bigger things to come. It’s great because it stimulates blood flow and alerts the senses…right? To make a spanking suitable for sensory play, it’s usually combined with some restraints and a blindfold. To make things more exciting, you can use a paddle, flogger or crop, but keep in mind those items are not commonly used in sensory play because they are considered a bit harder play.
  • Clamps: Who doesn’t love them? They make up for perfect sensory play foreplay because they augment sensitivity, creating more intense sensations and an overall powerful experience. But remember the area will be extra sensitive when you’re done, so be careful with your partner!
  • Temperature play: If you want to experiment with it, you can use items like chains, wax or ice; the idea is to play with hot and cold objects. Ideas? Run an ice cube throughout your partner’s body…or just let an ice cube melt in your mouth and kiss them afterwards. Or you can drink something hot and then run your tongue in their skin and body parts. And did I mention playing with body wax, and creating figures and writing words in their bodies it’s awesome?

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