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Inspiring Ways to Keep Your Male Sub Emasculated

If you are a dominatrix, chances are you are always looking out for new ideas to humiliate and emasculate your man. So, if you woke up today thinking to yourself, “man, I wish some good ideas would come my way”, it’s your lucky day, my friend wink*. Here’s a very comprehensive list of emasculating and humiliating ideas to get some inspiration for your own play time:

  • Invent a girly or humiliating nickname for him and call him that way most times, everyday.
  • You can make your man wear some of your perfume or one that is female scented.
  • Take your man out for a dinner date. When the waiter comes to take your order, choose what he will be having, what you will be drinking and give all your orders to the waiter. Don’t let him speak.
  • Make him get some condoms…asking out loud if they have extra small.
  • Make him pee sitting down every time.
  • Need to get your nails done? Have him paint them…and then you can make him paint his own.
  • If you’re out of tampons/pads/make up, send him to buy some for you.
  • Make him buy his own lingerie set and strap on. When you are penetrating him with the strap on, make him wear said lingerie.
  • Or you can make him wear the bra/panty set while you are pleasuring yourself with a vibrator or toy.
  • With the scenarios above you can add verbal teasing like: “you can’t call yourself a man now, would you?” “I need a real man and you’re clearly not one”…
  • You can make him kneel to you at every chance you get. For instance, make him beg if they want you to get them out of their chastity cage, to give oral sex or to massage your feet…
  • When you two are out in public, make him carry your bag.
  • You can shave his legs and pubic hair. And don’t forget to put some women’s body lotion after!
  • The house chores are his obligations, obviously.
  • You can make find a place that makes penis molds (they exist! Look for “clone a willy) and have him make one of its own. When it’s done, there are several possibilities: you can penetrate him with it and then with a larger dildo and ask him if he feels the difference between a real man’s cock and it’s own small dick; you can also make him do a blow job on the penis clone.
  • If you have friends over, make him serve all of you. Refilling drinks, cooking/serving the food, etc. Additionally, you can tease him by saying things like “be a good boy and get us some drinks”, “good hubby”,
    he’s such a good boy, isn’t he”…
  • Have him choose a nice and sexy bra/panty set for you to wear out on your own. Ask him if he thinks “how bad it would be if some other man got to enjoy them on you”
  • Every once in a while you can make him lick his own cum to remind him you are the one in charge and calling the shots. It will enhance his submissive nature.
  • When you are penetrating him with a dildo or strap on, make him masturbate. Set a timer and a time for him not to cum. If he fails, he has to give you oral sex…and if he succeeds, order him to give some to you, anyways (you always end up winning wink*)
  • At the end of each month, slap him with a paddle or crane about 10 times. The idea is for him to realize what things he must improve upon, so make the connection when you are punishing him.

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