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Pregnancy Sex FAQ’s

Having sex will cause a miscarriage?

During a normal pregnancy, sex will not cause a miscarriage. Usually miscarriages happen when there’s an underlying problem with the baby, for instance, the fetus is not developing as it should.

So, is it completely ok to have sex when I’m pregnant?

If you get the green light from your doctor, it’s completely fine to have sex as much as you want. The only thing that can hamper the amount of sex you have is basically how you are feeling. During the first trimester nausea, fatigue and hormonal fluctuations can make you not feel in the mood. Later on, back pain, weight gain and hormones can also affect your sex drive. So basically it will depend on how you are feeling, wink*.

Will sex harm my baby in any way?

Sexual acts can’t harm the baby because of several factors. Your baby is going to be protected by the amniotic sac and fluids, creating a barrier between the baby and any possible harm. And second, your uterus muscles are super strong!

Is oral sex all right?

Yes, there’s no problem. Giving oral sex to your partner is completely safe, but if you are on the receiving end of things, you have to be a bit more careful. Why? Because if air gets in the vagina it can cause an embolism and that can be mortal for you and the baby. So make sure your partner never blows air into it.

And about anal?

Anal can be uncomfortable if you are suffering form hemorrhoids, but otherwise you should be fine. Now, be careful and make your partner use a condom because the bacteria can cause infection. And change the condom if you are going from anal to vaginal sex!

So should I use condoms? (I’m already pregnant, ha ha)

Well, condoms protect you from STI’s and STD’s that can put your baby and you at risk. So, if are not in a mutually exclusive relationship or you are having sex with a new partner, condoms are a must. If your partner has an active or recently discovered STI, you should probably abstain from oral, anal and vaginal sex. You can always kiss, cuddle and give massages to each other wink*.

What are the best sexual positions?

The one where you feel the best! This is all about what makes you comfortable. As your pregnancy advances your belly may get in the way, so you will have to change things up. Usually positions where you are on your side and the ones that have you on top will probably feel the best

Should I avoid sex in some situations?

Normally sex is not avoided during pregnancy, but your doctor may forbid it in certain circumstances (that’s why they should give you the green light). Some situations where sex may be off the table are: history of pre-term labor or premature birth, carrying multiples, unexplained vaginal bleeding, cervical incompetence, leaking of the amniotic fluid and placenta previa.

Can sex trigger labor?

Orgasms and some glands found in semen can cause some contractions, but studies have shown no actual relation between preterm labor/birth and sex; just as well, sex can’t trigger labor as due date approaches (sorry, it’s a myth!). But if you are at risk of pre term labor your doctor may prohibit sex.

After the birth, how soon can I have sex again?

Usually your doctor will provide that answer. Whether you have given birth naturally or through a C-section, your body will need time to get used to having done that. The cervix will have to close, postpartum bleeding will have to stop and any tears or lacerations that happened will have to heal; the usual is after 4 to 6 weeks, but like I said, your doctor will inform you. Sometimes you and your partner are too tired to have sex or sometimes you need some time to emotionally adjust to that change and that is completely ok. You can always preserve intimacy in other ways; the important thing is to try to have time to connect as a couple even with a new addition to the family. When you are ready to get back in the sack, just remember to take it slow…and enjoy wink*.

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