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21st Century Modern Dating – Meeting People through Dating Apps

Dating in this day and age is quite something; the Internet definitely dominates the dating scene and has definitely changed how partners meet each other. It may read like the Internet makes things easier, but if you have ever been on the dating scene in the past few years, you may find it is actually harder. If it is not harder at least is more complicated, so what can you do to enter the dating app scene and make it out the other side alive and happier?

Probably the first piece of advice everyone who has met their partner online can tell you is to get rid of any expectations you may have. Most people tend to have an idea about their perfect partner or how the love of their lives should be, but in real life chances are you end up falling for someone who doesn’t fit that mold perfectly. This means you shouldn’t toss someone aside because you don’t think they are ‘your type’; give someone a chance and you may be surprised to find is the proverbial love of your life.

When you are going through your options, take a really good look and make sure to read what they have to say. Look at their profile picture; do you feel attracted? Read their bio; do they interest you? These things are important, so take them seriously. And be honest on your profile: if you are looking for a hook up, make it clear; if you are looking for a relationship, say it.

The other thing you should keep in mind is to really explore your options and date as much as you can. Think about it like a job interview; you send a million resumes and in the end, you only get response from a few. This means being pretty open about your options because you don’t know what you may find. For instance, don’t say ‘I can’t date this person because he/she is divorced’ Try to be as open as you can because life usually has plenty of surprises in store for you.

And that relates to giving first dates the benefit of doubt. You may go on a disastrous first date and come up with the conclusion you don’t have anything in common or that there is no attraction there, but often you need some time to warm up to someone so give them a second opportunity. Most of the times that ‘instant spark’ is fantasy so you need to meet them for a second time to really feel what kind of chemistry there is. Chances are that first encounter is going to be weird, so don’t get too caught up on it. Unless they do something that is a complete deal breaker for you on that first date, give them a second chance.

But before you jump into a meeting in person make sure to talk a lot with that person; the great thing about dating online or trough an app is that you can get to meet that someone before you encounter them in person. This is a great opportunity to ask anything you want in order to see if there is a connection there. And if there isn’t, don’t try to force it; simply move on the next person because there are plenty of fish in the dating sea.

When it comes to that first date, you can always make it a group hang in a bar if you are nervous. This can take a lot of the pressure off because it doesn’t feel like a date and will give you time to know if there is something there so next time you can go out just the two of you.

A big part of this is too simply get out there and be pretty open because you never know when the perfect partner for you will come. Sometimes you are expecting for a one-night stand or something strictly sexual and you may find your future husband or wife. You never know until you try it.

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