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How to Use a Spreader Bar

The BDSM community is formed of a variety of fetishes and sexual practices, some more exciting than others. These practices depend on BDSM enthusiasts and can be rather subjective most of the time. That is why sex toys and accessories are made to match a multitude of preferences and particular sexual fantasies that individuals might have regardless to their gender or sexual orientation. In this fascinating world of sexuality, spreader bars are very popular and appreciated among many BDSM practitioners and that is due to their advantages and the quality that they bring to a sexual encounter as well as the increased level of excitement.

What are spreader bars

Spreader bars are those bars that can be placed between your submissive partner’s legs to keep them open for your personal enjoyment and sexual fantasies. Dominants of all kinds love to use these accessories because it gives them the freedom and the power to control their submissive partner just the way they want. Even if these spreaders are used mostly on female slaves, they work just fine on men as well and they can be adapted to a variety of situations. Some bars are meant to be used in a standing position while others are suitable for all kinds of positions. Most spreaders come with a pair of leg cuffs attached which makes them easier to use and wear. Cuffs hold the wearer in a fixed position so that you, as their dominant, can control and stimulate their body just the way you want.

What can you do with a spreader bar

Besides keeping your partner’s legs spread wide enough so you can have access to their intimate parts, these bars can be part of many BDSM scenes and bondage styles. You can have intercourse with your partner while they are wearing a spreader bar but even better, you can stimulate them to have as many orgasms as you wish. Some dominants incorporate spreaders into sessions of orgasm control by adding an orgasm belt for their submissive partner to wear while others create an entire edge play scene. There are no limits to what you can do to your submissive partner while their legs are spread and their genitalia area is exposed for your personal pleasure. And, just as important as this aspect, is that they will feel more controlled and powerless under your sexual stimulating actions! Every slave likes to feel controlled and some even prefer the term “abused” as long as the BDSM rules are applied and everything is consensual.

Spreaders are made of aluminum and the cuffs that come attached to them can have different colors and be made of different materials such as leather or latex, according to your preferences. You can also choose different sizes of spreader bars and have a wider access to your partners intimate parts. While the spreaders can’t create much sexual satisfaction on their own, they can definitely be a great asset when it comes to complex BDSM scenes and bondage styles. Some dominants prefer to use harnesses and suspension bondage on their submissive partners while their legs are spread by such a bar because combining different styles of bondage can generate a lot of sexual pleasure and an increased sexual satisfaction. Impact play is also a very hot sexual game when combined with a spreader. You can spank your partner or use your favorite whip on them while they are not able to control their legs at all and even other parts of their body if you add some more bondage to the entire BDSM scene.

When it comes to using a spreader bar you can find many fantasies to build around that and your slave can even have some interesting ideas as well. However, make sure that safety comes first and that both of you enjoy the BDSM scene just as much in order to have a successful experience.

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