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Guide to Choosing Your First Spanking Paddle

Paddles are something a lot of people fantasize about. For some reason, they inspire a lot of sexual fantasies and if you ask me, it is something you should try at least once in your life (or a thousand, just to make sure you like it *wink*) Although there is no risk of wrapping (missing the place you want to hit) or cuts (bruises are far more common) you still need to practice with your new toy before you start to hit your partner. Be sure to have a first aid kit close by when you play.

Paddles can come in different models. The spencer type looks quite different because it has several holes to make the hit a bit more intense. It can hit quite hard so you need to be careful. Beginners should stay away from this as it can create blisters.

The other option is the vampire paddle. These paddles are for the experienced players. Its small spikes can pierce through the skin. Just as you can imagine, you shouldn’t use this paddle on different partners because of the possible blood contamination it can cause.

If you are looking for something softer then go for a furry paddle. These are probably the type of paddles most ideal for beginners because they barely leave a mark. Moreover, you don’t really feel them as much as the other kinds.

The Knoppler paddle is rectangular and big. It can hit quite a large area. However, the pain it inflicts is not too severe. So it is another great option for beginners.

If you are in the mood for something different go for the short board. This instrument is simply a circle without a handle and attaches to your hand with a strap. The sensation and the experience can be quite varied, so they are a cool option for when you are looking something different.

Speaking of something different, the combination of electricity and a paddle can be really exciting. The electro stimulation device will definitely add something special and bring a bit of shock to your play. Make sure to use some electro conductive gel and to practice first before using one.

As for materials, leather paddles are among the most common ones many choose. They are stiff and will provide a thud hit. On the other hand, you can go for something like rubber. But this material is very painful, so it is for the more advanced players. Silicone paddles are a good option if you are looking to go a bit soft on your partner. They can hit quite hard, but are usually softer than other options so your partner will not feel as much sting.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are bamboo paddles. This material is stiff and hard. Although light, they hit hard. The stainless steel ones are also very, very painful because the material is dense and hard. The wooden paddles will also inflict a lot of pain with every hit. When people talk about being into the ‘hard stuff’ it often means wooden paddles, so you get the idea. The bottom line, be careful if you want to use one of these. Better yet, wait until you are more experienced.

The plastic paddles don’t hit as hard as those made out of more rigid materials, but the sensation will definitely be felt with a sting (literally). The glass paddles are quite a spectacle. They are very beautiful and feel special. Your partner will definitely feel it on their bottom. Chances are they won’t be able to sit for a week, so tread carefully. Another good thing about them is they can last longer and won’t break as easily as the others. Go ahead and take your pick…

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