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How to Choose the Best Flogger

If you like impact play, then you know what miracles a flogger can bring to a good BDSM scene. Floggers are all the rage within the BDSM community. You can incorporate it in many sexual encounters to satisfy both partners involved in the scene. They are great during foreplay as well as in intense BDSM encounters such as edge play, and then combined with other forms of sexual stimulation. But with so many options for floggers, it might be hard to decide which one is the best choice for you and your partner, especially if you are a beginner. So, let’s look at the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing the perfect flogger!

1. Construction

Floggers are amazing accessories for your sex life and once you start using them, well it might be hard to quit. Be warned, they can be so addictive for a BDSM enthusiast. They are often made of leather strands but can also be made of other materials such as leatherette. These strands are connected to a handle making it easy for you to use the flogger. You can tie your partner in a bondage form of your choice and punish them with the flogger or stimulate them the best way you can to increase the sexual energy for both of you.

2. Sensation

These amazing sex toys can create different types of sensation. In time, you will know how to differentiate between them. The sharp sensation goes away in time and is ideal for lighter BDSM scenes or foreplay. A flogger able to create a sharp sensation is a great tool for a beginner couple. On the other hand, a thud sensation is far more intense than a sharp one. Some BDSM enthusiasts even compare the thud sensation with the power of a punch. So, it can feel more forceful. However, you have nothing to worry because both sensations do not leave permanent damage or marks. Your slave can enjoy them as much as they want without such concerns.

3. Leather

If you choose to use a flogger made of leather, you have to pay extra attention to the type of leather material. It makes a big difference for you and your partner plus it can have a different impact during the BDSM sexual encounter. Some floggers are made of soft leather, which is very flexible and suitable for both types of sensations mentioned earlier. Others are made of a combination of leathers intended to induce an extreme sensation on your slave. Leather floggers also come in a variety of colours. So you can choose one to match your outfit or your slave’s or your other bondage accessories such as different types of cuffs.

The floggers made of different materials other than leather are nylon straps, chain, rubber strands or other types of rope. But compared to leather floggers, these materials are usually not so soft and flexible. Other things you should consider when choosing a non-leather flogger is how easy it will be for you to grip and how would it feel on your submissive partner’s skin.

Chances are you will gather more floggers over time before you decide on which one is your favourite! This is the kind of experience to make you a better dominant! But make sure to also talk to your partner and learn what their preferences are when it comes to choosing one flogger over another. Understanding the usage of such a sex toy is very important when you are trying to make the best decision. It is advisable for both of you to get involved in this process before diving into the BDSM scene so both of you know what to expect from such an amazing experience.

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