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5 Ways to Add Passion in S&M Relationships

BDSM relationships are to some extent a higher level of bondage relations. It is a level couples can arrive at over time once they are familiar with BDSM as a fetish along with having an understanding of the basic rules of such a connection and sexual interaction. On the other hand, S&M meaning Sadistic and Masochistic is another type of interaction but it doesn’t have to be based on physical intercourse. As a matter of fact, sexual intercourse is not often the point.

1. Have a safety word

It is important to have a safety word to experience a good S&M encounter. Whether you are in a relationship or just started dating someone or about to have a one night stand, you need to establish a safety word in the beginning before things get out of hand. In the heat of the moment, two partners can lose control over what is going on and get crazy to make the other uncomfortable. You can avoid awkward situations like these by using a safety word to signal if there is a problem. When choosing a safety word, it doesn’t have to be “no,” it can be “red” or some other word you normally wouldn’t use during a sexual encounter.

2. Talk dirty

Use language to elicit a certain mood from your partner and to set up an exciting atmosphere for both of you. Dirty talk can be basic like descriptions of the kinky things the two of you are doing. It can even go as far as the erotic humiliation kind. Be sure it is according to your needs and turn on points as a couple. Everything is acceptable for as long as both of you get pleasure while doing it.

3. Blindfolding

S&M relationships are about giving up control and taking control. It is a game of give and take where the sky is the limit to what you can do together. When one of the partners is blindfolded, the intensity of the power exchange increases because they lose one of their basic senses. So, not only does the submissive agree to be under their dominant’s control but they also experience heightened pleasure because they cannot see what will be done to them before even feeling the dominant’s touch or hearing their voice.

4. Biting

Biting is another S&M practice with varying levels of intensity. You can start slow but reach an intense kind of biting in no time as the sexual energy increases. What is important is to maintain a balance between the passion, pleasure and biting aspects of the encounter. Knowing your partner and having a good sexual understanding of each other can help you generate more pleasure through biting. Your awareness of your partner’s most sensitive spots and their erogenous areas is an advantage. Bear in mind, these are not always the same for everyone.

5. Bring toys and accessories into the bedroom

When diving into an S&M relationship, don’t just use your bodies to reach sexual satisfaction. Plenty of toys can help you reach different sensations and make you aware of the depths of such a relationship. Paddles, whips and floggers are perfect for impact play. Penis pumps, clitoris stimulators, anal toys and restraint systems can also be used provided you do so in moderation and both of you agree on them.

S&M relationships are part of the wide BDSM range of options when it comes to fetishes. Yet such a sexual encounter can offer a higher intensity of pain and pleasure. Besides the basics about S&M, you can also use wax and even get into edge play with sharp objects used to induce both pleasure and fear. All these practices are performed in the name of control and an exchange of power going on between the dominant and the submissive for the purpose of sexual satisfaction. A well done S&M experience can also strengthen the bond between partners and each extreme sensation felt during such an intense sexual game can foster trust in a relationship.

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