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Here’s Why a Spreader Bar is Your New Toy

Spreader bars can be used in a wide variety of sex scenes. Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you and your lover can do with it. Spreader bars can be combined with a lot of other sex toys and accessories to add plenty of pleasure to your sex scenes. If you are a beginner when it comes to using such a sex toy, you might need to learn how to use it correctly. Once you figure it out, your sex life will never be the same. So, keep reading to see how you can make the most out of a spreader bar and why should you add it to you sex life.

Spreader bars can increase the level of dominance in your relationship

Would you like to take your dominance over your partner to an extreme level? If so, you will be charmed from the first time you use a spreader bar. Because once you add such a sex toy to your life, things will never be the same again. You will have a lot more control over your submissive partner. This is something every mistress and dominant will enjoy. Plus, your slave will simply love the new level of dominance you are experiencing together. Feel free to add as many sex toys and accessories as you want to make things a lot more interesting for both of you. For instance, combine a spreader bar with a paddle or a flogger is a great idea for a discipline sex scene. Remember, spreader bars do not go well with vanilla sexual encounters. This is true for most BDSM sex toys and accessories. Then again, who needs vanilla sexual encounters when they can have an intense bondage scene, anyway?

You can incorporate them in a wide variety of fetishes

When it comes to the fetishes and fantasies you can experience with a spreader bar, you can use your imagination to make everything possible. Add this toy to a sex scene involving a high-level of control and you will love the sexual satisfaction it will bring you. Try out different fetishes and roleplay such as medical sex games to explore you spreader bar to its highest potential. If you have an open mouth gag, medical play should be easy to implement. Both you and your lover will enjoy it. Other fetishes with you being a dominant partner who likes to explore your slave’s sexuality can have them wear a spreader bar to achieve this goal. Consider using a dildo or any other type of plug if you want to try something new, besides the classic intercourse. The more you play around with a spreader bar the more ideas you will get when it comes to what fetishes you can enjoy with it.

Wearing a spreader bar will make your lover will feel more controlled by you

The sex dream of every submissive partner is to be controlled almost to an extreme. The more experience they have when it comes to BDSM fetishes, the more they will like to obey their dominant or mistress. The best way to give your slave just the type of control they want is to have them wear a spreader bar and a mouth gag. This will not only give you more control over them, it will also motivate them to do a lot more of the things you want to obtain from them. A slave who feels controlled just the way they like, will offer the right satisfaction to their dominant and they will put their partner’s needs first in the bedroom. So, don’t be afraid to dominate them as long as both of you are having fun. The important thing when you explore such BDSM sex scenes is to maintain a safe atmosphere, with sane sexual actions and consensual. This is the main rule of the BDSM community.

As you can see, spreader bars can make the difference between an average sexual encounter and an intense one. Use your imagination to reach the kind of sexual pleasure you are aiming for. You and your lover will never be bored with your sex scenes. All you have to do is keep an open mind and forget about your inhibitions as you enjoy intimate times with your significant other. Chances are you will fall in love with each other over and over again with every sexual fetish and fantasy you indulge in when using you favorite spreader bar.

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