Your Ultimate Guides to Collaring Ceremonies


Bondage Collaring Ceremony Basics

Just as we remember any special moment in our lives, a collaring ceremony is definitely an experience to remember. But just as any event, it takes a bit of planning to get the most out of it.


Fetishes and the Right Collars for them

If you are not sure what to use a collar for, besides the obvious fashion advantage that such an accessory can bring you, you should know that there are plenty of sexual fantasies that can be enriched by wearing a collar as well.


Guide to Collars for BDSM Beginners

Collars are a way of demonstrating the commitment between partners in the BDSM community. In a sense, they symbolize the bond between two people in a BDSM relationship.


How to do a BDSM Collaring Ceremony

You may have heard about collaring ceremonies before, but chances are you probably haven’t been to one… yet, wink*. Or maybe you have not heard about it before.


How to do a Bondage Collaring Ceremony

Collaring ceremonies share a lot in common with weddings. Both are done out of a desire to commit to someone in a more permanent way. Just that in this case, the collar is the physical representation of that commitment.


The collaring ceremony checklist

Time has passed, the relationship between dominant and submissive has gone so well you have decided to make it official: a collaring ceremony will take place to symbolize your commitment and love for one another.


What is a Collaring Ceremony?

To those unfamiliar with the BDSM lifestyle, one of the most confusing aspects of a BDSM relationship is the idea of collaring. When someone not in the lifestyle sees a collared submissive, they assume it’s a matter of control.


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