Your Ultimate Guides to Wrapping It Up


A Sticky Situation: Getting Wrapped Up Safely with Bondage Tape

Bondage tape it’s one of the most versatile BDSM items out there. It makes up for a perfect way to tie someone up really fast, either to their own limbs or to piece of furniture.


All Trussed Up - Creative Bondage Tape Play Scenarios

Bondage tape is one of the most fun and multipurpose items of bondage you can find. If you are on the lookout for different bondage and role play scenarios, you definitely get you some!


Creative Ideas with Bondage Tape

Bondage tape is like the gateway to the entire bondage sex experience. As an avid BDSM submissive, I am very fond of the idea and practice of bondage. Those who want a quick and subtle introduction into the idea often opt for bondage tape.


Get Bound & Wound Up - Bondage Wrap Basics & Applications

When you want to tie someone up and have your wicked way with them, ropes are probably the first thing you are thinking about…or chains, depending on preference wink*.


Get Caught Up In You - Bondage Wrap Play for Beginners

Bondage or vet wrap is a piece of stretchy and flexible fabric commonly used on bondage scenarios and bondage play. It was first used in the real life world by veterinarians, but it has evolved into being used for some more


Guide to Mummification

To be restricted is one of a slave's greatest desires. Being bound so tightly around their entire body, leaving them completely subdued, produces a kind of stimulation unlike any other.


How to Do Erotic Scarf Bondage

During the cooler months of the year the weather allows us to be very covered and use cozy knitted clothes, and since one of them is the scarf, we can become clever and make sure we turn winter cold in the perfect excuse for wild sex.


How to Use Bondage Tape

Looking to enhance your sex life and add a little bit of kink? Bondage tape is a great way to add a bondage restraint, collar, blindfold, leash or whatever you can think of…easily and inexpensively.


It’s a Cinch! Self-Bondage Wrist Tying

Every person who loves bondage must know how to tie a mean cinch knot. It’s one of the keys in order to do a lot fun scenarios and have a lot of fun in general. Cinch nooses are basically slip knots with a lot of friction.


Japanese Breast Bondage Techniques - Let’s tie a Shinju!

If you have dreamt about doing this Japanese breast bondage and have no idea how, I’ve got your back, so no worries there! Wink*.


Learning The Ropes - BDSM Rope Bondage For Beginners

Rope bondage is a common practice in the BDSM community, however knowing how to use your rope and to work with it demands a lot of work and dedication, so to speak.


Never the Same Twice - Exploring Breast Bondage Rope Tying Techniques

Because I’m sure you are extremely curious to know how exactly you do breast bondage,I’ve brought you this really informative article aboutbreast bondage techniques.


Performing Rope Tricks - Self-Bondage Hogtie How-Tos!

Hogties are extremely fun, but they can be a bit harder to get if you like a bit of solo play or don’t have anyone around. But once you learn how to do it properly, things will get really easy, so how about we learn how to tie a hogtie on our own? Wink*.


Practice Your ‘Lymbnastics’ By Tying Your Partner Up!

You can practice bondage is many different ways and you can tie your partner in many different ways. And I’m referring to tying in particular because almost anyone’s fantasy is precisely that..


Quick Bondage Wrap Ideas For Beginners!

Bondage wrap is a great way to practice some light bondage and have fun. It’s really easy to put it on and really easy to get it off, so it’s perfect for short scenes, beginners, or just for those who don’t have that much experience.


Rip it & Zip it! Making Tape Gags for Beginners

Tape gags are as popular and common as you’d expect, wink*. They are also very easy to get because you can make them yourself and you don’t need great training or technique to do so.


Tied & True - Trying Bondage Rope & Restraints

When you are a bondage beginner, you want to explore as many options as you can. The vast world of bondage has plenty of options for everyone, so it’s important to experiment and try new things in order to see what you like..


Wrap Like an Egyptian - Beginner’s Mummification Guide!

In order to have an immersive and full experience with bondage, you can try mummification. This is not for the faint of heart; after all you will be completely immobile and restricted.


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